Monday, October 27, 2008

Zombie Plague goes bye-bye

Apparently, I picked the wrong weekend to move into my new place since I seemed to have missed all the fun zombie shenanigans. I had previously tinkered with the zombie plague last Thursday, but the 10 minute timer actually made it kind of boring. A friend and I had tried to start a zombie revolution in Stormwind and failed miserably because of magically spawning guards. Taking our disease ridden corpses on the road we tried taking over Goldshire, but were eventually thwarted by a few level 70s. We always managed to get reinfected by our minions, but the wait was simply too long to make the even any fun. I had no idea they were planning on reducing the infection timer and that it would cause mass chaos on some servers.

In particular the PvE servers were crying bloody murder as they were.... well.... murdered bloodily by the zombies. I had forgotten that some people react violently to being killed by other players. While I'm not a hardcore PvP fan, I do like the danger that comes with the territory. I still curse violently and often when I get ganked, but pure PvE servers bore me now. When I first heard about the zombie plague I thought it would be a great event which would be fun in the short-term. I'm sure Blizzard thought it would be popular especially since players still talk about the corrupted blood plague. Anyways I haven't been on in the last few days so I'm not sure how bad the zombie problem became. I did hear it became pretty hard to quest over the weekend.

However, most NPCs respawn within a couple minutes and it's not really that hard to wait. I know in Shattrath the battlemasters kept getting infected and I had to fly to Nagrand to queue up my team. It was annoying, but nothing to make me want to log onto the forums to complain. Unfortunately, it seems that a lot of players disagreed with me on this point and Blizzard is being forced to end the event today. I'm not sure if the plague could have been designed better so it didn't interfere with people trying to level. In my opinion a lot of its charm was because it was so chaotic and destructive. Then again I'm a bored player with multiple level 70s counting down the time until Wrath of the Lich King. I'm sure someone who was just trying to level over the weekend had a different opinion.

I just hope this doesn't discourage Blizzard from designing future events that are more dynamic in scope.


Anonymous said...

I play on a PVE server.
There are many people in my guild who never PVP (I was just chatting with a lvl 70 raiding rogue last night with zero (zero!) honorable kills).
These guys didn't like the event. They don't like PVP and they don't like the disruption to other activities (e.g. dailies & gathering).

I thought it was cool and not a problem at all. I didn't participate directly (got infected/cured a couple of times) but otherwise just had to practice a little "look over your shoulder" and otherwise go on with my normal routine.

Other guys in my guild went crazy with it. Taking over towns. Participating in mass raids of Stormwind etc.

Maybe next time the make it phased so that players do a few "quests" to progress through it?

Kaziel said...

I'm not certain that it wasn't intended to end yesterday anyway. Considering that the plague went from 10 minutes to 5 minutes to 2 minutes, and on Sunday was a single minute in duration, I could easily see that it was intended to only last for a week or so.

Either way, I liked it. Probably the best times I had was when I was killing a zombie, only to have someone say to me something like "Don't kill him! It's another player. How would you feel if you were a zombie and someone killed you?" I replied with "Uh, I have been a zombie and been killed. It's part of the event. I love it all." I just don't get some people.

Though in the end, I'm glad the event is over. Wanting to go out and kill scourge that are invading places like Winterspring or Azshara, and going out of Darnassus, only to find dozens of zombies waiting for me out there. They didn't stop me, but I did get slowed down which was both sucky and kinda fun.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was fun, but I'm a priest who can cure myself when I didn't want to be bothered with it; I'm not so sure it would have been as fun if I was constantly getting zombied.

I did run into a few smaller outposts that were literally overrun, though, which was fun...after a valiant kiting defense, I finally succumbed and joined the Scourge. Pretty cool.

Anonymous said...

Thoroughly despised the event. I play on a PVE server. Attacks by NPC's would have been reasonable and appropriate for an RP game with an evolving story line. Instead, non-PVP players were constantly assaulted by the mindless griefers with weaponry that we couldn't even avoid, such as multiple zombie blasts. Blizzard intentionally turned many of its customers into unwilling helpless targets for the bored and cruel.