Friday, October 06, 2006

Over 12,000 Hits

I just wanted to announce that I hit over 12,000 hits with this blog just recently. Having only been around since the summer I was surprised that it built up that fast. I suspect its mostly because I write about World of Warcraft which is one of the more popular MMORPGs out nowadays. Anyways I hope to get some more time to write about other MMOs in the future especially with the huge amount scheduled to be released next year. I deffinitely plan on trying out Tabula Rasa, Age of Conan and maybe even Vanguard. However, the Burning Crusade continues to be the one I am the most excited about.

Also on a side note I would like to mention that Battlestar Galactica is having its season premiere tonight on the Scifi channel. I suggest all gamer nerds at least mark it on their Tivos. Especially you EVE Online fans out there!


Anonymous said...

Grats on the 12K hits. Your posts are certainly worthy of reader's patronage. Keep it coming

Tobold said...

Grats, Relmstein. Keep up the good work, you'll be surprised how quickly you hit 100,000 hits (I know I was).

Relmstein said...

Thank you everyone for the encouragement. Just seeing a comment on a post is worth at least a 1,000 hits.