Thursday, February 22, 2007

Arena Point Calculation and Team Brackets

Just a small update about the WoW arenas. Blizzard took a surprising step recently and released the formula used to convert team ratings into points each week. While most players were ecstatic about knowing the specifics of the math some grew bitter. It was quickly realized that the ratings for 5v5 teams convert into more points then the 3v3 and 2v2 teams. As one person pointed out on the forums losing 10 matches as a new 5v5 team actually gained you more points then wining 10 matches as a 2v2 team.

The forum moderators were quick to point out that this was true for the first week but that the scaling became different as team ratings change. This would mean that the following week the 5v5 team would not earn more points then a 2v2 team if they lost every match. While this helped alleviate some pains it still points out a obvious advantage to the 5v5 team bracket. Blizzard defends the position by citing the domination of crowd control in smaller team brackets. The developers feel that having 5 people on a team gives a chance to offset the advantage of crowd control spells and abilities.

Despite the developer's logic there is still some animosity about the team rating inequality. Issues such as the cost of the 5v5 charter and the higher membership requirement doesn't sit well with some players. A lot of couples and small groups of friends are annoyed since they basically need a small guild to guarantee always having 5 people on to fight in a arena. On the other side it seems like guilds are embracing the idea of arena teams and are often fielding multiple teams at the same time. Also if there is one thing that the arena point system shows is that its quite easy to earn epic rewards in the space of 5-6 weeks without putting in hours and hours of grinding. You don't even need that high of a win average.

Rating to Arena Point Calculator


Anonymous said...

I will be skipping the arena.

Wonder what the percentages are?

10% arena
60% battlegrounds
30% no pvp at all

Relmstein said...

From what I can see on the forums most people are saying that their servers have around 250 5v5 teams. This would mean if you include a team average around 8 you would get around 2,000 people per server participating in just the 5v5 arenas.

Depending on the age of the server this number could change but I believe the arena participation rates are around 30%. The 5v5 numbers gives you the best idea of this since most players who particpate in arena matches are going to have a 5v5 team to earn points.

Anonymous said...

I think there will be a hotspot for arena teams.

Until they (causals) realize when Blizzard said "hardcore" they meant hardcore. 3-4 weeks for one piece of your Champion (Arena) gear. Add in the "we lose too much" crowd.

Relmstein said...

Actually from what I'm hearing on the PvP forums most hardcore raiders are pissed off at the arena system. The old standard of pvp hardcore was simply to steamroll over teams by using raid gear. Now that the rating system makes them play only other high ranking teams they are quickly finding out that pvp hardcore and pve hardcore are diferent things.

Can't wait until the battleground matching goes into effect and they become a bit more fair also.

Anonymous said...

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