Monday, October 15, 2007

Small Example of Paladin/Warrior Numbers

Gwaendar raised an issue on the last post that the popularity of the warrior/paladin combination could be more of a urban legend then a reality. He could be right since paladins are under represented in the 2v2 teams though this could be because they can easily get spots in the higher point brackets.

A quick look at the top 5 teams in the 5v5 bracket for four battlegroups show that warriors and paladins are present in a majority of the teams. Since I think players try to earn the most amount of points by getting into a 5v5 team I think this bracket heavily influences how people perceive the popularity of classes in arenas.

Data was pulled 10/15/2007
Teams with less then 5 members are not counted

1)FapFapFap Boom: 1 paladin, 2 warriors
2)TwopointoThreeFourfive: 1 paladin, 1 warrior
3)Jolly Asian Clams:No paladins or warriors
5)Steam Rolled: 2 paladins, 1 warrior
6)Narutards: 1 paladin, 2 warriors

1) Clan Hex: 1 paladin
2) Lucky: 2 paladin, 2 warriors
3) Team NoobSauce: 1 paladin 2 warriors
4) Pento Supremo: 1 paladin, 2 warriors
5) Arena Point Bandits: 2 paladins, 2 warriors

1)Mein Kampf: 1 warrior
2)Nerve: 1 paladin, 1 warrior
3)Jenox and the Pooteytats: 1 paladin, 1 warrior
5)Team AG Carnage: 1 paladin, 2 warriors
6)Who Knows: 1 paladin

1)Pretty Standard: 1 paladin, 3 warriors(2arms, 1fury)
2)Trounce: 1 warrior, 1 paladin
3)Jonald Danklin be Ballin: No pallies or warriors
4)Game Over: 1 paladin, 2 warriors
6)IDK my BFF jil: 1 paladin 2 warriors

Teams with no paladins or warriors: 2
Teams with paladins but no warriors: 2
Teams with warriors but no paladins: 1
Teams with paladins and warriors: 15

I think these numbers are going to be the same in most battlegroups with about 75% of arena teams having both a warrior and paladin. Now this doesn't necessarily mean that they are better or more popular then other classes since most teams are going to have a full 10 members. However, from what I've seen in the arenas, warriors and paladins tend to be the classes that are played more often while the other three spots are switched out. Then again as you can see two teams made it into the top five without either class. Skill at crowd control and coordination with your team members also plays a important role.

In the end the only conclusion I can really make is that the warriors probably scale quicker in arena gear when compared to others classes. Paladins on the other hand don't really scale in power quickly with arena gear especially since resilience is missing on their set. Instead its the functionality of being able to throw off dps concentration with shields that makes them so desired for arena teams.


Gwaendar said...

Me again. OK, so I'm nitpicking, but this is a subject I'm passionate about.

Went back to your snapshot of Stormstrike - it's October 16th, close to 4am EST (or something, I might be off an hour or so. Near 10am CET at any rate).

First of, I discarded any player which had less than 10% of the team's total games in season - a threshold I'll maintain on my next crawler version.

Team 1: 1 lock, 2 wars, 1 pallie, 1 priest, 1 shaman
Team 2: 1 lock, 1 priest, 1 rogue, 1 mage (missing a valid 5th player)
Team 3: 1 war, 1 pallie, 1 priest, 1 mage, 1 shaman
Team 4: 1 war, 2 pallies, 1 priest, 1 rogue, 1 mage, 1 shaman
Team 5: 1 lock, 2 wars, 1 pallie, 2 shamans

Every team with both pallie and warriors also had a priest. The same teams also have at least one shaman - all four of them. Two of those 4 teams appear to use a lock as main CC, the other two a mage.

You see where I'm heading with this. The recipe for success is more complex than just having a pallie and a warrior on a 5v5 team - priests and shamans for instance appear to be overlooked as crucial components in the same mix (not just by you, by the conventional wisdom).

There's also the claim you make that pallies would gravitate towards 5v5 as a means to get most points. I respectfully disagree. At this level of skill, these guys have long gotten every single piece of Merciless Glad kit they wanted and are sitting on the capped 5k points for season 3. They're in it for the Swift Netherdrake, the title, and I expect the chance to get an invite to the live tournaments. For instance, 2 of the Team 5 players I clicked at random are also in the 3rd 2v2 team in the battlegroup. Two in 4th team are also 4th in 2v2. And so on.

Finally, another small correction: The pallie arena gear does have resilience (181 for the full set, like all of them I believe), it's the BG purples who lack it.

Gwaendar said...

Bleh, self-correction, 3 of the 4 teams with pallie and war had a priest, not 4/4. I blame badly-handwritten tables. Still, the power-duo pallie / warrior would appear to be a power-trio of pallie / warrior /shaman :)

Relmstein said...

Yes the recipe for success includes more then just having a paladin/warrior in your team. But they do seem to make up a common base ingredient in most arena teams.

I think for some reason only the paladin retribution set is missing resilence.

Anonymous said...

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