Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Blizzard Joins Live Gamer

Live Gamer was proud to announced Blizzard Activision as the newest game publisher to sign up for its legitimized RMT platform and services. Blizzard Activision currently runs the largest MMO in the marketplace which has long been the target of disruptive and shady gold farming practices. Recent pressure has been mounting on World of Warcraft which had seen a large increase in the number of automatic programs playing characters to farm honor and gold. With the recent loss to the makers of WoWGlider in the courtroom the options available to Blizzard were limited.

Quotes from the Announcement:

"We here at Live Gamer provide a solid and protected method for players to purchase in game currency and items without the risk of dealing with the black market. Our interface is user friendly and accepts any credit cards even those not directly linked to your account. Our philosophy is simple, muscle out the black market by offering better services and cheaper rates no matter the effect on the game. We might have no prior experience balancing virtual world economies but we picked up a couple economists from Bear Stearns and they seem competent enough.

We would like to assure all the players of World of Warfarecraft that nothing is going to change the way they play the game. Mount costs will still be set by arbitrary and mysterious figures in black robes. Its just instead of game developers trying to prevent inflation these new mysterious figures will be ex-bankers and venture capitalists. In fact instead of worrying about mounts I would be more concerned about items controlled by players. As more real world currency is spent to introduce new virtual items and currency you can expect the value of gp in the game to sink like Brittney Spear's singing career. We recommend setting up an account with Live Gamer right away so you aren't left behind."


Bill Gorman said...

Seems to me like it's a matter of "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em".

Ontherocks said...

Loved the part about Bear Stearns. Well done sir.

Bill Gorman said...

After writing an April Fool's post for our site, I was too numbed to catch yours. Well done, sir ;)