Friday, August 08, 2008

Back From Vacation Monday

I've been out on vacation this past week and only had time to schedule a single post while enjoying the Florida sunshine. Should be back to my regular posting habits next week.

My friends have mostly left Age of Conan and managed to drag me back to World of Warcraft right before I left. I'm begining to suspect that people may be right about there being no escape from that game. At the very least we're switching sides to our Horde chracters again. The last time I did any PvP as Horde there was still a honor ranking system. It should be entertaining to see how difficult it is to start doing arenas and battlegrounds as a new level 70 now that we're in Season 4. The long term plan is still to switch to Warhammer in September, but it will be nice to have the option of playing Horde or Alliance when Wrath of the Lich King comes out.


Scott said...

There's an escape, but not everyone has the stones to do it.

During beta for TBC I saw where the game was headed and it wasn't for me, so launch day I logged in, said goodbye to my guild and my raid group (the only part of WoW I miss), then sold everything and deleted every character on every server.

Going back would mean doing all that stuff again, and I have no desire.

Friend of mine is leaving soon and he plans to one-up me: he's selling his account so he *can't* go back! lol

Steve said...

Been there and done that. The best is to have the guy that has your old account run you through low level content on your new account. Starting over sucks but we are just goofing around until WAR.