Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Little Big Planet gets a Movie (sort of)

Little Big Planet may not be a MMO, but its provided me with hours of entertainment that I usually only find online. The best part of the game is seeing how other people use common household items to design monsters and animated landscapes. It's like someone took Super Mario Brothers and mixed it with an episode of Fraggle Rock. Anyways while browsing the interwebs I found a short animated movie that the makers of Little Big Planet probably used for inspiration. What's especially neat is that its being made into a full feature film this year and Tim Burton will be producing.

You can see the resemblance between the game and movie main characters.

The original short film actually came out in 2004 and its surprising that I've never heard about it. Then again so many really bad movies win film festival awards that I do tend to ignore them nowadays. Anyways check out the trailer on youtube and tell me what you think. Hopefully, if MMOs ever go the movie route they'll use CGI on scale with this.

Trailer for 9 the Movie

The Original Short Film