Monday, August 14, 2006

WoW Raid Limit Being Lowered

News broke over the weekend that raid instances in the Burning Crusade expansion would be capped at 25 players. The Raid/Dungeon forums were in an uproar over the change with many people blaming the casual gamer population. Most believe the new raid limit will allow smaller guilds to more easily field raid forces without worrying about large membership numbers. Since casual guilds usually don't track or force raid attendance having a large membership was the only way to ensure 40 concurrent members on at the same time.

However, not everyone was happy with the raid limit being lowered. Some self proclaimed "Hardcore" raiders pointed out negative aspects of lowering the limit including a drop in raid encounter complexity. Other raiders disagreed and felt encounters could still be challenging especially with both factions now having access to the paladin class. Also pointed out was that loot distribution between 25 players would ensure more drops per person. I like to look at both sides of an issue before I making any judgments so I am starting a list of the pros/cons for the raid limit drop. If anyone else has any items to add to either list feel free to suggest them in the comments section.

New Raid Limit Pros
-Drop rates increased in smaller raids
-Smaller guilds will be able to raid more often
-Pick-Up-Raids should be possible for every raid instance

New Raid Limit Cons
-Raid encounters complexity might be limited
-Larger guilds are going to have to downsize
-Raids won't be able to withstand slackers as much

A ton of other information about the expansion was also revealed in the gamespy article and I'll be writing more about it later. In the meantime I suggest being careful on the forums since every topic seems to be a vicious fight about something in this article.

PC Gamespy Article


Anonymous said...

Now that the BC is out no one really does the old-world raids.I just wanted to add that comment