Tuesday, August 01, 2006

WoW Battleground Topic 1: Grouping Changes

Its not a secret that in patch 1.12 some changes have been made to the way groups are formed in the battlegrounds. Alterac Valley, the largest battleground, now automatically joins people into a large raid which they cannot leave. The leader of the raid is the person with the highest honor ranking at the start of the game. Some people love this change because it cuts down on small sub-raids forming for the purpose of farming honor instead of trying to win the game. While not common, this problem does cause an automatic loss when it does occur. Plus it seems as if the current system on the PTR works better for the new cross server playability.

Other changes have been suggested for the smaller battlegrounds which are the favorite targets of hardcore honor farming. The most extreme rumour is that they might limit the join as group function or eliminte it entirely. At the moment the highest ranking players on a server will always form a raid which then constantly attacks the Warsong Gulch and Arathi Baisin battlegrounds. Usually these raids will afk out when pitted against the top team of the other faction but will dominate everyone else. Usually these high marshall or warlord groups are very selective and normally don't invite anyone who is not in the rank 12-14 range. By this method they can control who hits rank 14 each and guarantee that members of their battleground raid are not fighting each other for the same rank. Its a dirty system and it seems as changes might be in the mix for Blizzard to change it.