Friday, November 10, 2006

Top 10 Things Not to do in WoW until Jan 16th

10) Make a NE Hunter and go to the horde newbie area with a level one pet. Stay in shadowmeld until a low level attacks your pet then Aim Shot them for +1,000 dmg. Later on brag about how good you are at fishing for newbs to your guild. Post pictures of all the level one characters you have killed this way. Make sure to photoshop black X's over their eyes.

9) Give your raid leader a hug when you're the bomb in the Baron Geddon fight. When everyone yells at you sigh heavily into your microphone and say "I guess I'm just not leet enough for Molten Core."

8) Using lots of patience and dots train King Mosh from Ungoro Crater to the Crossroads. On your way there brag in general chat that the stink of the Crossroads offends you and your having your pet wipe it out. Since no horde could understand you include the words KeK KeK so they know bad shit is going down.

7) Spell out "Janury 16th is too far" in front of your race's city using level 1 corpses. Start over again when someone calls you a moron for misspelling January.

6) Have your NE priest shadowmeld near the main entrance to BRM. Whenever a single character runs by use mind control to throw them into the lava. Before each mind control announce that you are making another sacrifice to Ragnaros in hopes he makes the TBC release date sooner.

5) Stake out the Gadgetzan Gnomish Transporter and watch for mechanical failures. Try to get a series of screenshots when people appear 10,000 feet above the tranporter then turn it into an animted gif. Include it in a forum's post about why goblin engineering is better then gnomish.

4) Hide near the pyramid transporter that leads to Naxx. When guilds approach jump out and point to the pile of level 1 corpses that you have cleverly spelled out to say "The End". When someone remarks that the one in front of Ironforge was better tell them to STFU.

3) Go to a newbie area and ride your epic mount backwards in front of them to show that yes you are in fact Uber. If they doubt you make sure to pull out glowing weapons. If they still doubt you challenge them to a duel. They didn't accept did they? Cowards.

2) Go outside and play in the park ..... Hahaha I kid. What would you rather be outside throwing a frisbee around all day or on your computer doing something that really matters?

1) Collect as much purple cloth gear as possible and get the Crisom Hat from Stratholm. Get a group of friends to follow you around as naked female characters. Walk around Ironforge and introduce yourself as Pimpmaster Pimpalicous Smakabeotch. Use the /slap command on any friends who talk out of character. Threaten to use the /beotchslap command if they continue to get out of line.

Hopefully, work will settle down and I can actually write a real post next week. I remind people that most of these things are annoying and I don't recommend them as actual ways to pass time. Unless your really, really bored.


Anonymous said...

Photoshopped X's over their eyes. ... Too funny.

Saylah said...

Very funny. How many of these have you done, and be honest.

Relmstein said...

I have seen a couple of these done before and the epic mounted guy challenging level ones to duels happens every day in Elwyn Forrest.

I once had a guy fall out of sky and die right on top of me near Gadgetzan. I had no idea what had happened until I saw a comic that explained Gnomish Transportal Failures.

changedx said...


Squiggle said...


Bendyr said...

My favorite kind of ganking is in Westfall. I stealth around lowbies- when one of them uses a Frost Nova, Trap, Shout, or anything that breaks my stealth, it sets their pvp flag, and I instagank (or... chain Sap).

If anyone asks what you're doing spending so much time in Westfall, tell them you're farming Magic Dust.

Wolfgangdoom said...

ROFL Use your Mind control to throw players into the lava. Great stuff there. One of the funniest moments I have seen in WOW is when I saw a preist MC another player who was dumb enough to duel him while waiting for the boat in Wetlands. The player didn't die of course, but it was still quite funny to see him get tossed off the edge just as the boat pulled up.

DM Osbon said...

role another that's funny!

BigFire said...

It would appear that in TBC, Goblin Engineer gets to build a Dimensional Ripper to Area 52. Beats having the useless DR to Everlook.

Anonymous said...

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