Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Warlock's Defense

The last post was not a general call to nerf the warlock class but a examination of the Fear spell's reputation for being overpowered. Since I have never played a warlock to sixty I have had more experience being on the recieving end of fear then the casting side. Thus every time I tried to write a point to argue for fear not being overpowered I might have been thinking more about being one shot fear killed then thinking about a good arguement.

Luckily using blue tracker I found a decent forum post (yeah I was surprised too) which defended the Warlock's use of the deadly duo (fear and deathcoil) . The format of the post is done in a humorous manner but the summary had several good points.


Saylah said...

Having played a Warlock to 60 pre the 1.9 patch change to DCoil, I'd have to say Warlocks pretty much own in 1v1, 2v1 and depending on gear and spec, could even stop a 3v1. I have to say that I did feel very powerful when I was soloing, which might have been the issue when I went into raiding where it's all controlled damage. It's not very often that you're allowed to just unload.

Summon this dweeb, HS that dweeb, banish this mob and control your aggro. Coming in out from the fields of leveling to 60 almost completely solo on a PVP server, raiding was like wah? The whold God factor vanished and I got bored with her.

I think Warlocks should be honest with themselves and own up to the fact that THEY meltfaces the of prey that Shadow Priest dare not even dream of. :-) And yes, I've played a Shadow Priest too. At least the priests own up to the legend. I think Warlocks are a bit afriad of the nerfbat.