Monday, March 12, 2007

Mysterious Opt-Out Option for the Armory

There's been rumours going around that certain guilds were being exempted from the armory and that their talents and gear profiles were being hidden. Most accusations revolve around the guild Fires of Heaven which was the old stomping ground for Furor and Tigole back in the EQ days. This connection to the lead developers is always used whenever a really juicy conspiracy theory is posted. Though the guild did do some beta testing for WoW a while ago they really aren't that involved in testing cutting edge content anymore. There is a lot of hate for the guild though because of the guild's status of a cross-game hardcore guild and the tendency of their members to be outspoken aka assholes.

Investigating the claim I was able to find the guild roster of Fires of Heaven in the armory and inspect their member profiles. Some people suggested that the armory had just been buggy and someone mistook poor Ajax programming for an in-game conspiracy. Still there has been some fanning of the rumours spawned by cryptic forum moderator responses. Netherea is on record as saying no one is exempt from the armory but that some options might be included later on due to player suggestions. The exact meaning of this is a mystery but a lot of theorycrafting has suggested that guild rosters and talent builds might soon be able to be hidden.

While most people are happy with the armory it seems that people are still coming up with really wild scenarios to sway Blizzard to do away with it. I just heard someone recently complaining about factions being visible in the armory. They were apparently afraid that someone could see that they were scryer faction and be asked not to roll for the Fel Armaments that drop from the Shadow Labs. This situation is unlikely for a number of reasons especially since high selling items like armaments and tomes are almost always treated as vendor trash with everyone rolling. Still it seems as if the paranoid can't help but think of the worst case.


Tomas said...

I have to believe that the 'issues' with the Armory are scented more of wonky AJAX than they are of the bitter tang of conspiracy.

But hey - it makes a great story.

It's been a pretty interesting ride to see how the Armory is being used these days. A lot of folks are 'name gathering' - seeing how many others out there have toons of the same name. Guilds *are* using it as a compliance tool for enforcing builds. Even bloggers/forum trolls are getting into the act by profiling (or lampooning) the builds of friends, gankers, and innocent passersby.

While I personally enjoy the Armory - I have a feeling that a forthcoming setting will be security layers...

Things like:

1) Hide profile from others
2) Hide talents from others
3) Hide Information from all but guild

etc, etc, etc....

Interestingly enough, they don't show gold levels on these toons. Nothing like finding your servers favorite farmer bot and checking out what gold futures are going to be looking like for your faction ;)

Anonymous said...

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