Monday, March 05, 2007

Relmstein graduates BC Dungeon Running 101

This weekend was big for me in that I finally beat the last couple of level 70 instances with my small guild. We've been farming The Mechanar and Shadow Labs for about two weeks now and managed to get some serious upgrades for our main tank. The two zones we've been having problems with before (Shattered Halls, Black Morass) have become relatively easy with a tank whose defense rating is fast approaching our druid's +healing. Also being full protection has enabled him to get several tricks that work well against multiple mobs and getting rid of the -healing debuff used by Temporus.

Besides the tank being upgraded our other players have learned to play their classes much better. Our mage uses frost nova to stop our healers from dying and ice blocks regularly when he has aggro. Our shadow priest is ungodly and often keeps us all healed with just vampiric embrace while doing massive damage. Also his mind controlling of mobs tends to make him the highest on our damage meter. Our paladin while retribution has a large enough mana pool to assist the healing of vampiric embrace and clear most dungeons. Our rogue always has some blinding powder ready and has become a master of kicking casters in the shin when they try to cast.

Its a combination of everyone improving and gear upgrades that allowed us to finally beat Shattered Halls. The dungeon had been taunting us with constant wipes ever since we tried it soon after hitting 70. Thinking back, it really was a poor choice for our first level 70 instance but we had just stumbled upon the key quest and were cocky from clearing Setthek Halls repeatedly. We would have avoided if we knew what it was like inside but we had no idea of the relative dungeon difficulties. Anyways we'll be doing a lot more runs of Arcatraz and Shattered Halls to gear out our people but we are already eyeing Heroic Ramparts. If we recruit a few more people I'm sure we'll even be seeing the inside of Kharzhan since about 7 of us are attuned already.


DFV said...

Hi Relm,

As someone who is just about to start to do the Auchindoun instances (the sub 70's ones - i.e Setthek Halls, Mana Tombs) I'm interested in what you think would be a better choice of initial lvl 70 instance to do in future (i.e easier ones!).

Relmstein said...
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Relmstein said...

The easiest ones are going to be the Mechanar, Old Hillsbrad, and the Steamvaults.

However, from what I hear the Steamvault bosses are being retuned next patch which usually means made harder.

Anonymous said...

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