Monday, October 13, 2008

Blizzcon 2008 Dance Contest

I actually managed to get a seat with a decent view of one of the screens and was able to shoot some video of the dance contest. I posted the winners and some of the other contestants that I thought were in the running. Overall I was much more impressed with the dance contest then the bad humor of the /silly contest.

The Contest Winners

1st Place Winner - Undead Female

2nd Place Winner - Troll Male

3rd Place Winner - Ogre/Moonkin

Some of the Runner-Ups:

Gnome Female

Orc Male

Orc Female


Rhey said...

sadly no Human female this year. Human females are always underrepresented at Blizzcon.

steve said...

I swear one Zima and it appears the camera operator is drunk as hell. At least it is better than the Screwdriver episode. I hear Relmstein likes to fall down and then claim he was pushed by the hero of the story.