Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blizzcon /Silly Contest

I'm not sure how to rate this new contest since humor is so subjective. Also I think jokes dealing with World of Warcraft had the advantage since fans of the game definitely outnumbered fans of the other franchises. In particular there were a couple Deckard Cain impersonations/jokes which I don't think the audience understood. There were also like a hundred applicants and to save time Joy Mohr was told he could yank the micro-phone if the contestants got too long winded. Jay being the man of the people told the audience that we could boo the contests off the stage. This proved useful since some people just used the /silly contest as an opportunity to do shout-outs to friends or even try to recruit for their guild.

The highlight of the contest was definitely seeing some people desperately fail at being funny. One comic duo obviously thought they were giving the audience comedic gold and yet got boo'd off the stage after a few seconds. Towards the end of the contest you could tell the audience was tired of bad jokes and started booing sooner and sooner. This made one girl so nervous she completely froze up and forgot her joke. Later on in the evening when she walked up for the dance contest Jay asked "Do you remember what dance your doing for us?" There were a couple nuggets of gold in the contest though only one actually placed. I don't know who the judges were, but their sense of humor didn't quite match mine.

My favorites from the /silly contest

Joke 1: (This one actually won 2nd place)
What is the favorite class of the ladies of Azeroth?
"Male Enhancement" Shamans

Joke 2:
What's the difference between a resto druid and Superman?
Superman has a weakness

Joke 3:
How many murlocs does it take to bring down the blizzard store?
Just One, (the Failoc)

Joke 4:
A Tauren and a Gnome walked into Deadwind Pass and the Gnome says "Man this zone is scary" and the Tauren says "You're telling me, I have to walk out of here by myself."

I'm paraphrasing some of these jokes and apologize for messing up any of the punchlines. The first place winner was a guy from England who no one but the judges could understand because of his accent. If anyone has the text feel free to post it in a comment. I think it involved a comparison between an ex-wife and curse of agony.


Anonymous said...

The 1st place guy was ineligible for a prize since he was from England and the contest was only open to people from the U.S. and Canada. 2nd place Steve Morales actually won it (male enhancement shaman joke).