Monday, July 31, 2006

WoW Battleground Changes

I've been picking up on several WoW Battleground changes that seem to be working their way down the Blizzard pipeline. Since I'm going to have little time to blog this week I am planning on doing some small articles on how each one might effect the game. I should get the three bigones covered and who knows if I have time I might be able to write a rant or two.

One note of warning though is that some of these have only been vaguely hinted at by the Blizzard development team. Therefore their implementation could be different from what you or I picture. Expect the first article tomorrow.

1) Battlegrounds might soon only allow people to join as groups not raids. Most think this is an attempt to cut back on premade WSG and AB groups.

2) The 1.12 patch should effectively cut down the queue wait time for the Alliance. I am going to try to dig out some old queueing theory books and see how a battleground server group might help wait times.

3) A system is in the works for the battlegrounds that will match people together based on gear quality or current honor ranking. I keep spotting hints of this from the community managers on the forums. I'll look at several different ways this could be implemented and which one is most likely.