Wednesday, June 21, 2006

EA Buys Mythic Entertainment

Mythic Entertainment is a smaller company based out of Virginia best known for its pvp centric MMOG, Dark Age of Camelot. Often described as having the best pvp in existence, the game's popularity was only offset by a couple of bad decisions by management. If your interested in the specifics just google "DAOC" and "buffbots". More recently Mythic has decided to use some of their popular pvp ideas on a new project based on the classic Warhammer universe.

Within the last 9 months they had completed an amazing amount of development and already had a very nice game to show off at this year's E3 trade show. It looks like they showed off a little too much though because they caught the interest of Electronic Arts. EA has some experience in the MMOG market with one of the original forefathers of the genre under their wing. However, the Ultima Online franchise is slowly dying as EA canceled its much anticipated sequel.

EA is on the lookout for a new MMOG flagship and most people believe that they has found one in acquiring Mythic. With other companies like THQ being scared by Blizzard's success with World of Warcraft, EA wants to compete against them. If they do pump Mythic with a bigger budget one has to wonder how much better this will make Warhammer Online. This could be the beginning of the big "WoW" killer that everyone has been predicting.

Mythic Press Release