Thursday, June 15, 2006

More Blizzard MMOs?

There was a rumour going around for the past few days that the parent company of Blizzard was pushing for them to turn all of their game products into MMOs. The source of the rumour was a presentation given to wallstreet by Vivendi in which they basically showed off their money hats to investors. They also seemed to be promising that a World of Diablo or World of Starcraft would mean more hats for everyone. Whiles its scary when parent companies start making, gasp, decisions this seems to be just a speech for drumming up more investment capital. Seems as slides of the presentation can be viewed at The Cesspit.

Why Vivendi might be making such claims in a official wallstree presentation is easy to guess at. If you google for their financial records you can see a huge jump out of the red and into the black corresponding to the launch date of World of Warcraft. I hate to use the common metaphor but it really does seem as Vivendi is printing money with this game. Not that I can blame them it is entertaining as hell.

Vivendi Presentation Slide @The Cesspit

One of Original Rumour Hints @ WoWinsider