Monday, June 19, 2006

No More Class Reviews in WoW

It seems as the complaining and public outcry by shamans that they didn't get enough love in the upcoming 1.11 patch has caused some decisions to be made. The developers have decided to simply implement class changes slowly over each patch and not have any more class specific reviews in patches. The rogue review in patch 1.12 will likely be the last one.

I tend to agree with this kinda of thinking since classes seem to have gotten into the habit of expecting new goodies in their review instead of being balanced. Thus a class like hunters that were really the most underpowered in the game recieved a lot of new spells and improvements in their class review. However shamans and mages which are good at pvp and raiding recieved noticeably less tinkering with.

While developers are in the habit of throwing down nerfs to slow down content consumption I think this is simply a case of trying to balance the classes better.

Orignal Quote from WoW Forums by Drysc
"We will likely never do "class reviews", in the way we all know and love, again past 1.12 and the rogue review. We will however continue to evaluate and implement changes for each class as we see necessary."