Monday, June 19, 2006

Patch 1.11 Stew

There's a long list of nice improvements in the next patch. Unfortunately the meat and potatoes of the patch, Naraxxamas, is really only for the top 3% of players. The new caster legendary weapon can also be put into this category. However, there are still some nice left-over vegetables in the 1.11 stew that normal players can chew on. After all veggies may not taste as good as the meat but it will keep you from starving.

Thank God. A lot of people have to have about 7-12 slots in their banks tied up with keys. If your anything like me you never threw away another key after you went to Live Stratholm and tried to figure out what the hell you did with your Scarlet Key.

Item Stackage
A lot of stacking items that used to only stack up to 5 or 10 are being expanded to 20. This patch definitely seems to want to clear up some bag space for population of Azeroth.

CtRaid Interface
A lot of the functionality of the ctraid interface has been added into WoW. Not only will this effect serious raiders but also anyone who pvps in any of the battlegrounds. Not to mention that clearing ZG can be fit into a 3 hour timeframe, umm sometimes (5 hours last Sunday). This change just shows the smart decision Blizzard made in allowing their UI to be so easily modified by users. It seems as if the add-on community is improving WoW's interface each patch, for free.

Mages are getting their talents modified.
Overall word seems to be positive with some talent points being free up as abilities were give 3 ranks to go through instead of 5. It seems as there might actually be fire/ice build mages now that the best arcane talent is now a spell.

Shamans are getting their talents modified.
Some abilities were improved but the Shamans did not get any help with large scale buffing. It seems to be Blizzard's desire to keep Shamans superior in pvp with only moderate raid support. The shaman forums at were aflame with insults and complaints but official blue word is that its not changing anything in the patch.

ZulGurub loot becomes a little more powerful
Class armor quests in ZulGurub won't require coins and bijous anymore just reputation. Also bosses will now drop 2 items and one class specific armor token. It seems as the rewards for the armor tokens will now be epic. Though from what I have heard from quest the stat boosts are small and they mainly just changed the text to purple.

It looks like the patch will go live either tomorrow or next Tuesday according to hints from Tigole.