Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Everquest (EQLive) Progression Server

It seems as if not a day goes by in MMOG community without someone remarking upon the good ole days of Classic Everquest. They always say "Everquest" too, not that bullshit EQLive term that popped up later. Anyways it looks like SOE heard about all the nostalgia for their most prized possession and decided to allow everyone to repeat the good ole Everquest experience. Thus the first progression server for Everquest is being born June 28th, 2006. I say first because I fully expect another one to be released soon if "The Combine" gets filled up as fast as I think it will.

A quick overview can show you why this server might experience such high demand. It opens up with only the original Everquest and the newest UI/Model changes. Then the players have to use what content is available to them to kill the dragons Lady Vox and Lord Nagafen. This opens up the Kunark expansion and the races and items originally available in it. Each expansion requires the beating of its bosses to open up the next one. The idea being that this will allow anyone who missed parts of Everquest to experience the full evolution of the game.

I've debated downloading Everquest again to try this server out and finally made a decision to do it. I am working a full time job now and I do not have the free time to play more then one MMO but I can't pass up a chance to relive my first MMO. Eventually I am sure that hardcore players will be in the Plane of Time while some of us are struggling with the Temple of Veeshan. However, the fact that every boss has to be beaten for each expansion to be unlocked should slow the catassing down.

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