Monday, June 26, 2006

New Bosses in Scourge Instances

One of the undocumented changes in patch 1.11 was the addition of new bosses for the scourge dungeons in the game. Reports confirm the addition of new bosses in any instance with undead in it. It's believe that these additions are directly related to the scourge invasion event and will be removed from the game afterwards.

Shadow Fang Keep
Abomination named Sever in the back of the Castle behind the kitchen

Razor Fen Downs
Banshee name Lady Falther'ess in the Holding Pens disguised as a human woman

Scarlet Monestary
Undead named Scorn who spawns after killing the Blood Mage in the Graveyard Crypt

Giant Skeleton named Lord Blackwood who wanders in the third room of Scholomance

Lich named Balzaphon near the gates where The Unforgiven boss is triggered.

Keep on the look out for more new additions to undead dungeons since I might have missed a couple. Most of these bosses have loot which is on par with the best drops in that zone. In particular I want to point out that Lord Blackwood has a very fast 1h sword which is a must have for fury warriors.