Friday, July 28, 2006

Does Onxyia Scale Down?

I think this is one of the first write-ups I have done based on a specific game experience instead of a just a general feeling or annoyance. It feels kinda of weird but I might blog more about the adventures of my characters. I have a ton but I usually only focus on one at a time now that I am working (browsing the internet) full time.

My guild recently just started taking down Onxyia and I am noticing a unusual pattern. It seems like she is easier the less people we have in our raid. Onxyia's deep breath has always been unpredictable from what I have read but she didn't even bother to do it at all when we came in with 28 people. Also her use of fear during the phase 3 part of the battle was very sparse. Our tank was able to stance dance out of it easily enough without the use of fear ward.

The other two times we have defeated her we came in with a full 40 people and we had numerous wipes even with fear ward. That deep breath is devasting when people don't know the exact positioning of the safe spots. I was wondering if anyone else has notice a direct ratio of Onxyia's use of fear and deep breath to people in the raid. It could just be another player's imagination run wild but hey most people swear making a campfire near Ragnaros guarantees a victory.


Tipa said...

You might have something there. The first time my guild took Onyxia down, there were only thirty of us, and it wasn't that hard.

When we came back with a full force, fully expecting to put Ony into immediate pharm status, she cast her AE very often... even when we had plenty of dots on her.

Saylah of Illidan said...

Ya know, that has happened to our guild more than once. Where we laughed about taking her down with only 35-37 ppl vs. 40. We attributed it to ppl being more focused because we knew that we were short on the nubers.

I did hear on a podcast, cant remeber which, that they are thinking of setting level choices on thd dungeons ala DDO. I can only imagine the rage from the hardcores if that every happens. Of couse the loot tables would adjust but I don't think that will stop the uproar in a community where raiding has become a badge of prestige for these ppl.