Thursday, July 13, 2006

Mythic Loses Key personnel

Matt Firor a key developer for Mythic Entertainment recently left the company to start out on his own. Matt was involved in much of the inner workings of the original Dark Ages of Camelot and the majority of its expansions. A producer leaving a company after five years is slightly unusual but not that rare in the gaming world. The timing of it though will cause some speculation in Mythic's ability to hold onto its talent.

As mentioned in an earlier article Electronic Arts has bought out Mythic Entertainment and is starting the final steps of the merger. Lead personal leaving at this moment will only reflect badly on the future of EA Mythic. Lum the Mad remarks that location played a part in Matt's decision to leave which might do some damage control. However, a recent interview done by the
president of the company unrealistically claimed that all employees were in support of the buy out. False claims like this make the gaming world deeply nervous about Mythic's future and its next project, Warhammer Online.

Warhammer Online has been getting very favorable reviews and it is hoped by many to provide some competition to World of Warcraft. For several reasons at this moment Mythic is in the spotlight. I have already seen many reviews and game critics lower their expectations of Warhammer once they found out EA was going to be involved in the project. Several corporate decisions from EA are often blamed for ruining their games The Sims Online and Ultima Online. Until this new game finally goes live any personnel leaving Mythic is going to be a mark against Warhammer.

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