Wednesday, July 05, 2006

EQ Progression Journal - Entry 1

After much thought and deliberation I decided to make a human bard. I choose a bard because I like the ability to solo but I also like being useful in a group. I started out in Freeport on Friday night and was amazed to see every zone nearby having over 100 people in them. It was easy to get to level 4 by using Chords of Dissonance to aoe beetles and rats. I only pulled the guards once by accident.

Saturday I managed to do some more leveling up in North Ro by hunting pumas and scarab hatchlings. I dinged 7 and got Jonathan's Whistling Warsong which proved to be very handy. Fighting even con mobs is a toss in the air but worth the experience. The number generator for EQ still seems wacky with mobs sometimes hitting for critical strikes 5-6 times in row. Luckily as a bard I can Selo's Accelandro outta there. Madman still force me to zone since Freeport guards won't take care of them.

On Monday I only played a little bit but I am starting to get annoyed. Even con mobs now own me and its getting hard to find blue mobs in East Commonlands or North Ro. I dinged 8 then died on the zoneline to West Commonlands. I couldn't get close enough to my body to /corpse or loot it. Ended up paying a lvl 12 necromancer to summon it. She thought it was hilarious but I just thought how much the WoW system of death is better in a PvE environment.

North Ro is now crowded with Sand Giants because no one can kill them. As people kill the common spawn placeholders for the giants over and over again the chance another one will spawn rises. Its gotten so bad that they are now more Sand Giants then rattlesnakes in North Ro. I am hoping to log in for a bit today and see at least one group taking them down.