Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Progression Servers Progressed

I am getting reports from several forums that the EQ Progression Servers have already had Cazic Thule and Innourauk defeated. These two goals were thought to be the keys to unlocking Kunark but I have not heard any official word. The guilds responsible for pissing off every other player on the progression servers are Realms of Insanity and the old Fires of Heaven crew. Both guilds have a reputation of being hardcore and I must say make me embarrassed to call myself a gamer. The progression server opened up on June 28th and by July 11th the old world content has already been defeated. Talk about catassing it!!!

While Everquest does not have a PVP system that makes casual gamers fight against raiders, its still annoying as hell to watch people speed running your virtual world. It also damages the market as raiders sell off old equipment which start to show up on very low level characters. This is what destroys old world content since it just allows players to purchase equipment from raiders instead of running it themselves. WoW managed to avoid a lot of this by doing required levels on all equipment and having most items soul bound once equipped.

Its being speculated that the reason Kunark hasn't opened yet is that the developers hard locked it with a non-content requirement. Many think this lock is either a specific time requirement of a server population requirement. Either way if this speculation turns how to a have a shred of truth then it might save the progression servers from the hardcore raiders. I also have to give Tobold props for calling the progression server a bad idea. I haven't felt like logging in since my first try at playing. Despite the special ruleset Everquest is still the same game with the same problems that caused me to leave it in the first place.