Wednesday, July 26, 2006

New World of Warcraft Forums Test

Blizzard is testing out their new and improved forums for World of Warcraft by locking the old forums and redirecting all traffic to the new one. The test should be in effect for 24 hours and starts on July 26th, 3pm EST. Almost in an attempt to make up for the lack of warning a large number of Community Managers have gathered on the Beta forums. They seem to be encouraging spam in a attempt to stress test the new forum abilities.

In all seriousness I have seen a high amount of CM involvement so far and I suggest people visit the Beta Forums. If you have a question that you wish you could get a blue response on now is the time. Just please no more hitting on the newest CM, Nethaera.

New Forum Features:

Improved Avatars: Not just for the CMs anymore
Improved Search Feature: it actually works now
Improved Reporting Tool: Let the Bannings Begin