Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My First Day in the Burning Crusade

9:00am-5:30pm: Work

5:30-6:30pm: Eat and Drive at the same time on way to Best Buy

6:30pm: Find a million copies of TBC at Best Buy and feel foolish for rushing

7:00pm: Scream at 2.82mb patch stuck at 89%.

7:02pm: Download patch from a mirror and feel foolish again for not trying a mirror first

7:04pm: Make way through the portal and fly to Honor Hold

7:08pm: Make friends go to the first instance since the lag in Hellfire Pennisula is bad

7:10pm-12:00am: Run Hellfire Ramparts over and over again trying for Warrior/Paladin loots

12:01am-1:00pm: Try to Figure out how to get the Weaken the Ramparts quest.

1:00 am: Go to Bed, have dreams of red orcs who continually deny me plate gear


Keystone said...

I ran Hellfire Furnace and the plate drops were far too many. I could not get any cloth drops.

How was the cloth drop rate in Ramparts?

Relmstein said...

So far it could just be bad luck. But it seemed necklaces, rings and mail gear were the more common drops for us. I know there is a decent pair of caster pants from the final boss.