Thursday, January 18, 2007

Relmstein blows through the Blood Furnace

My Blood Furnace Walkthrough

The Blood Furnace is the opposite of the Ramparts in that the bosses are easy but clearing through it can be a pain. The instance takes about half an hour longer as there is also a lot more trash to kill. Before heading there you should have the quests to explore the Blood Furnace and the quest to collect 10 vials of Fel Orc Blood. Both result in good blue rewards for level 60 players. The majority of the boss drops are healer items though a couple assorted other items can be found.

At the start of the Blood Furnace are a couple of pulls of standard warrior mobs without any special abilities. Right behind them are groups of warlocks complete with non elite imp pets. Take care of the imps first since they have a quick cast fire spell that does around 1200 dmg. Behind these warlock groups you'll notice a closed off tunnel entrance which will open when you defeat the final boss. After taking care of the first group of warlocks turn left and clear your way up a huge ornate ramp. Be prepared for surprise attacks by pathing Fel Orc Rogues which are impossible to spot when your in the low sixties.

At the top of the ramp is a glass corridor filled with several groups of warlocks with imp pets. Use line of sight or silence to pull one of the groups unto the ramp way to avoid the single pathing warlock. Keep in mind that if a warlock is pathing and doesn't have a pet then most likely he will summon a succubus that will seduce someone right away. So its in your best interest to disrupt their summon spells. You can now go into the corridor and look down to get a view of Magtheridon and the final instance boss in the center of a pentagram.

Continue clearing the corridor making sure to kill imp pets first until you get to the room at the other side. At this point you will be introduced to the pain in the ass of the instance, the Fel Orc Technician. These mobs throw dynamite and set down mines which are very reminiscent of Gnomeregan. In the following room you should use what crowd control you have so you only have to fight one Technician at a time. When they lay a mine down back up a good 10 yards since they explode for 1800 dmg and silence. The only way I have found to clear the mines so far is to set them off with full health or have a rogue disarm them.

Once the room has been cleared its time to engage the first boss the Maker. Its a fairly simple fight with the boss using basic melee attacks. About once per fight he will charm a party member so be prepared to have someone grab aggro if the tank goes AWOL. The charm only lasts for a few seconds so a short term crowd control ability is the best way to counter the renegade. After the fight you can look forward to another hallway filled with Technicians, Rogues, and brand new Fel Orcs. These non-elite Fel Orcs don't have the hit points of their experienced cousins but still hit just as hard so target them first.

At the end of the hallway you'll find yourself in a room similar to the one where you fought the Maker. Use the same techniques to clear it of mobs until you are at the lever in the center of the room. Make sure to have full mana and hit points then pull the lever which will start the second boss encounter. The second boss Broggok is easier then the Maker but you have to fight all the captive Fel Orcs in the cages around you first. A total of four cages will open one after the other and spit out quite a large amount of orcs. They are mixture of elite and non-elite orcs so make sure to use your crowd control on the elite ones since they take longer to kill.

After the hard part of the fight when the last orc is dead Broggok comes out of the main cage. He looks like a mix between a Beholder and a Metroid but has only a few special abilities. If you are familiar with the snake priest in Zul'gurub then you'll recognize his AoE poison and keep out of it. He's goes down fairly quick which is nice since killing all those orcs beforehand has probably depleted your mana. A trick some people make use of is to keep the last orc of the fourth cage crowd controlled while everyone regains mana/bandages in combat.

After Brogguk you'll have to clear through a room filled with more warlocks with imp and fel reaver pets. The Fel Reavers hit hard and have a nasty habit of ignoring standard aggro gaining abilities. Especially watch out for Fel Annihilators since they tend to live up to their name. Once through the room you will see a hallway that leads down to the pit you saw from the upper glass corridor. At the beginning of this hallway is a nasty group of 6 imps and a warlock. Use line of sight so that all the imps charge through the doorway then start nuking. This will group them up so that you can make use of any AoE spells you might have. One mage should be able to kill them fairly quickly.

Continue down the hallway dispatching a couple more fel reavers and warlocks until you get to the final boss room. Keli'dan the Breaker is another easy boss who just happens to have a lot of friends. His five friends who make up a pentagram prison for Magtheridon are all shadowcasters. They have a nasty debuff which greatly increases shadow damage and they all love casting shadowbolt. Open the fight up with your crowd control abilities and have anyone who can dispel, concentrate on getting rid of the debuff. Once all five casters are dead Keli'dan will attack.

He's a very simple boss with only one deadly ability that is a point blank AoE. When he shouts out "Come Closer" run away since he's about to use a 2,000 fire dmg spell. Other then that the fight is fairly simple and goes quickly. Afterwards thankfully Magtheridon does not reach up through the floor and kill you. However, a the tunnel to the instance entrance does open up allowing you to easily reset and try again for the loot that didn't drop for you. Its nice to see Blizzard designing better dungeons and no longer leaving people trapped after a boss fight like in the popular Marudon instance.


Anonymous said...

Warlocks' summoned eyeball thing can also trigger the technicians' land mines if you have no rogue to disarm and don't want to take the hit.

Relmstein said...

Good use of the warlock eye spell. I've also noticed shielded paladins can trigger the mines without taking damage. Whatever your preferred method it's nice to have a minesweeper in the group.

Dingduck said...

The only way I have found to clear the mines so far is to set them off with full health or have a rogue disarm them.

yes Eye of kilrog
power word shield on a tank and run him in

BigFire said...

I once rez a rogue while standing next to a mine... He took it like a pro.

The rogue then got the idea of trying to defused the mine. After a couple of near death, he figure out the safe distance to disable the mine.

Relmstein said...

Yeah the mines seem to have a dead range much like hunters that rogues have to use to disarm them.

Ana said...

There's a bug we've run into twice now with the Broggok fight. If you're going to CC one of the last orcs and spend that time regaining mana, don't use Mind Control. For some reason MC respawns the fourth cage when it breaks - and your respite is pretty much wasted.

Nice write-up!

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