Thursday, January 04, 2007

New Year's Resolutions from the MMO Industry

Our massive amount of subscribers will no longer prevent our patches and expansions from being playable the week they come out. Also the honor nerf is being rescinded.

We will try to to retrict some of the general sleeziness of our user base and prevent press conferences from being invaded by flying genitalia.
-Linden Labs

This Lord of the Rings liscense cost us a fortune, please play our game and we promise not to suck.

We promise that we ignored most of our hardcore crazy beta testers and that our game will not require degrees in catassing and spawn camping.

We swear to god that we can handle having Vanguard and EQ2 on our all access pass. Heck, EQ3 will probably join them in a couple years.

We promise that we are not just making the PvP game that World of Warcraft left out.
-EA Mythic

Tabula Rasa will not be the next Planetside. We have Lord British and a way cooler name.

I know Spore is an icky name but I promise I'm a fun-guy.
-Will Wright

Areae is not Neopets with the Star Wars Galaxies crafting system
-Raph Koster

Found the idea of MMO resolutions from a couple of places like Amber Night and Penny-Arcade. Note that these are fake New Year's resolutions so yes the WoW honor nerf is still in effect and Areae could indeed have the SWG crafting system.