Friday, January 12, 2007

Things to do this Weekend

In an attempt to stop the madness and try to regain some order I decided to share Relmstein's list of things to do before the Burning Crusade. Most of these items are centered around improving your financial situation and preparedness (probably a word) for the expansion. I hope that I can a lead a few of you bored souls away from the path of ganking and onto something more helpful to society, like AH price gouging. Anyways here's what I'm going to be doing this weekend. You can ignore it, copy it, or canonize it and make it your religious text. Just don't complain of boredom and kill low level alts. I've got a hunter I need to get to 58 by Tuesday.

1) Clean out your Bank - you don't need your old resistance gear or the hundreds of items being saved for quests you are never going to do. Also get rid of items for faction grinds that don't matter anymore like scourgestones and cenarion badges.
You are about to get all new faction grinds and believe me there will be new resistance gear that will be much better.

2) Liquidize your Armor and Weapons - the expansion will eat up your gold very quickly as you try a new tradeskill or buy that awesome new armor at an inflated price. Sell any non soulbound weapons/armor quickly before the economy becomes unstable with the new expansion. You don't want to be bankrupt when you see an upgrade or when it comes time to buy new spells. Chances are that very few people will be buying any level 50-60 items until the new crop of Drenai and Blood Elves get that high.

3) Save your Tradeskill Materials and Low Level Items - A lot of trade materials are expected to jump in price with the expansion especially those connected with jewelcrafting. Save up the stuff that you think will sell well to people in the future. Remember that currency drop rates increase at higher levels so expect the prices of most items to go up. Also expect a billion low level alts to soon appear as both the horde and alliance get to try out a new class.

4) Visit the Old 60 Dungeons - This might be the last time you can ever find a group to do them. If you can manage to find someone who needs an upgrade from the dungeon, bring them along. The more friends you have who are well equipped the better your chances are in the first couple of instances in the expansion. Do not camp lower level dungeon entrances to try to find some PvP action. Instead go to the dark portal for that kinda of stuff.

5) Find a Leveling Buddy - With the concentration of horde and alliance in the new zones and their linear nature of leveling you can expect to be running into the opposite faction constantly. A lot of quests are going to require PvP objectives and some of the towns will switch factions depending on those objectives. After the first batch of people have hit level 70 things might get less crowded but if you are going to be playing the expansion any time this month expect to be ganked and have your mobs stolen.

6) Research the New Dungeons - Try to find out which instances are keyed and which ones are especially hard in the expansion. Believe me no matter what information you find the dungeon will still seem brand new compared to Stratholm or Scholomance. Loot tables are especially nice to look at since they make you yearn for that one drop that would complete your character. Of course it wll never drop for you but its dreams that keep us going. WoWwiki and the Warcry sites are pretty good for information along with assorted forums. Note: Not the WoW forums.