Friday, January 12, 2007

TBC Anticipation Leads to General Craziness

I've been busy at work this week and my blog posts suffered as a result. Luckily from what I have been reading I didn't miss much. The Dark Portal event is a huge dissapointment and is only memorable in that the horde and alliance are both trying to hold it for bragging rights. On servers with horrible alliance queue times this is quickly becoming the PvP hot spot. Other goodies from the last patch include warlocks getting hit with the nerf bat and a bunch of annoying little bugs with game textures and sounds. My favorite is the battleground bug which causes the ding sound to go off every 2 minutes when you're in a queue.

With the expansion still a couple days away I know most World of Warcraft players are going stir crazy from the waiting. I've seen some weird things lately as the anticipation for the expansion is drawing more players to return to the game early. Just look at the new milestone of 8 million players and you know the population flood is starting. However, it seems that once in the game these returning players are having trouble finding any real goals they can accomplish before the expansion. As a result they are falling back on the time honored goal of annoying other people.

Some Signs that Azeroth has gone Crazy:

1) VanCleef has apparently hired groups of Tier-3 horde to guard his not very secret base. Reports are in that the Fanglords have a similar aggreement with the alliance.

2) An enchantment link which disconnects players the first time they click on it is making the rounds of every chat channel in the game. Avoid unfamiliar links and never, ever, get into a car with one.

3) For the first time ever the alliance Arathi Baisin queue was seen to be longer then the Alterac Valley one. Relmstein upon logging in and discovering this decided to take up an employment opportunity with the Fanglords.

4) Highlord Kruul can be regularly found outside Stormwind eating millions of alliance newbies. The only guilds that have managed beat him have had to distract his fuel source (newbs) with promises of a free Hogger raid.

5) The Mr. Smith Effect: Because of the unequal battleground queue times large groups of identically geared horde now patrol Azeroth. The only way to tell them apart is to closely inspect the different Smith's belts which are an eclectic collection of crappy greens.

6) The chances of being randomly mind controlled while roaming the countryside is now much more common. Make sure to learn what the word defenestration means since bored priests seem eager to explain.

Expect a short list of real goals you can accomplish before the expansion comes out to be posted soon.