Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Relmstein Slaughters the Slave Pens

The Slave Pens is the first instance of Coilfang Reservoir and is located to the far left if you are facing the meeting stone. They are a lot of hard pulls in the Slave Pens so crowd control is a must have for your group. All of the mobs are humanoid so rogues and mages are going to be very useful. The instance requires less clearing then the Blood Furnace but the groups of mobs and bosses are much harder. Upon entering the Slave Pens you'll have to fight a couple groups of wandering crab people or as they are called in Illegal Danish, "Sand Lobsters". They move fast and wander all over the first cave room so its best to take them out first.

Afterwards you'll have a few stationary groups of "Broken" slaves and Naga Slavemasters. Its here where you will have to make the choice of killing the slaves or not because once the Slavemaster dies they will be become non-targetable. If you kill the slaves first you get Cenarion Expedition reputation so if you don't mind being cruel, go for it. As you clear to the tunnel at the end of the first cave beware of a patrol of two Naga warriors. After dealing with them make your way to the second cave which is much larger then the first area.

Here you will find groups of Naga and groups of Sand Lobsters. You can head to the first boss by either going left and clearing through groups of Sand Lobsters or straight ahead and clearing through the Naga. The Naga are a pain with Warriors that can fear and Enchantresses that can charm/root. The Sand Lobsters are in large clumps of five but have no real special abilities. A chest sometimes spawns to the left so I usually use that to make the decision for my group. Either way you will eventually find yourself at a building on the left side of the cave. Its guarded by two Naga Defenders which are basically warriors with spell reflect. Don't warn your mage and get a good laugh when he nukes himself for 3k.

Once in the building you will find yourself fighting elite "Broken" shadowcasters and Naga Slavemasters. These groups are a lot easier then the pure Naga ones and you should have no problem clearing them. The first boss Mennu the Betrayer walks up and down a long ramp inside the building which has several groups of mobs at its base. Every time Mennu walks up the ramp pull a group away from the base. Eventually you'll have a nice area clear for your battle with Mennu. Mennu is a shaman who lays down three types of totems. All of them are bad but the healing and fire nova ones are the worst. Have a rogue or dps warrior be on totem duty and hit them as they spawn. Everyone else can stay on Mennu who only auto-attacks and occasionally uses a shock spell. If your main tank has spell deflect the fight is very easy.

Afterwards head up the ramp onto a catwalk that reaches over into the next room. They are two patrols of Naga that wander the catwalk so take care of them first before moving into the next room. Once you get to where the catwalk reaches into the next room you'll find some patrols of Naga and Broken. Take care of them and then you can follow the catwalk until it drops down into a pool of water. Right outside of the pool you will notice another ramp with three groups of Naga around it. One group is on the ramp and two are on the sides. They all path towards the pool and then away in a short cycle. Use this timing to isolate and attack one of the groups on the side. After killing both groups on the sides you can then clear the ramp since a quest objective is at the top of it.

On the left side of the ramp with the quest objective you'll find the tunnel entrance that leads to the second boss. Take care of the two Naga Defenders by it and then proceed cautiously into the next room. The second boss Rokmar the Crackler is a giant sand lobster and has a couple groups of mobs near the area where you fight him. Pull these groups of Sand Lobsters and Naga into the tunnel so you can clear out some room. Rokmar paths back and forth on a long cycle so its easy to time the pulls not to aggro him. The Spore Bat pet and Naga Warrior will fear so its best to pull far away so a feared party member doesn't start the fight early.

Rokmar is a hard fight for this level and can quickly wipe a group. He hits hard and uses an AoE ice bolt which does around 1500 damage. He also infrequently uses a single-target damage debuff that will make the tank's life go down quick. On the good side his hitpoints are only moderate so if you can keep the dps and tank alive he will go down. If your group is only around 63-64 its best to make heavy use of healing potions so a well timed icebolt doesn't kill your casters. After Lobsterfest be prepared for the hardest pulls in the dungeon which all involve four or five Naga with special abilities.

To beat these groups of Naga without dying you'll need to have at least two forms of crowd control. Also if you have a druid healer they can sleep the Spore Bat pet which allows you to even the odds a bit more. The Naga Enchantress at this point tend to charm more often so they should be top priority. My groups usually sheep and sap the Tempest Nagas and try to burn the Healer and Enchantress down. The attack power bonus of a charmed party member is huge so beware if any dps classes get charmed.

After the four groups of annoying Naga pulls you'll find yourself in the last chamber of the instance. The first order of business here will be to take care of the two groups of wandering Sand Lobsters. They move very fast and have a weird path that makes it so that both groups will sometimes rush to the entrance of the chamber. Learn the timing then pull when a single group is near and you should have no problems. Afterwards you'll see another small group of Naga and a Night Elf in a cage to the left.

After killing the Naga you can release the Night Elf from her cage which will trigger an ambush attack. With her help the ambush is easy to win as long as your casters have mana at the start of the fight. The former prisoner will give you a Nature Resistance buff and fulfill a quest objective when you talk to her. The buff is useful for winning the final boss fight but she is usually killed if you wipe on him. So don't mess it up. Have everyone talk to her and if you have a hunter have him turn on his nature aspect.

Quagmirran is a beast who doesn't hit as hard as Rokmar but has a more damaging AoE attack. Luckily his poison based AoE is a cone spell so if the tank can keep the boss 180 degrees from the rest of your party you'll be fine. Beware that Quagmirran likes to knock his target back a little bit so be careful that your healers don't lose line of sight if the tank gets knocked into the water. Also he will spit a poison out randomly at people but it can be dispelled. This fight is easy as long as the tank can hold aggro and Quagmirran doesn't spew his bad breath on everyone. Believe me, it stinks.