Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Five Things You Didn't Know About Me

So I take a nice vacation from work for two weeks and what do I find when I get back? Apparently I've been called out by a chain post that has been making the rounds of MMO bloggers. So thanks to Tobold on my first day back I got to come up with weird facts about myself. Oh well if anyone else has noticed I have a natural tendency to make lists on this blog anyways.

1) I was the world's youngest poolman.
My dad ran a pool cleaning business in Florida and thought that doing chores around the house wasn't enough for an allowance. Thus as far back as age seven I have memories of cleaning pool filters and testing water samples. It was kind of a drag and convinced me that working outside in the sun was deffinitely not for me. On the other hand I did learn cool things like mixing Cholrine and Muratic Acid makes mustard gas. Kids don't try it at home.

2) I earned a sports varsity letter in high school.
Despite being a hardcore nerd now, I used to play sports in High School well enough to make it on Varsity. Of course by sports I am talking about bowling which qualifies as a sport as much as synchronized swimming. But then again you do compete against other people by doing a physical activity. So it has all the technical qualifications of a sport. You just have to ignore the french fries and beers that always seem to be in our hands.

3) I've almost been eaten by water beast.
On a canoe trip off a tributary of the St. John's River me and my brother managed to piss off a 16 foot alligator. We hit him pretty hard when we were paddling and to return the favor he decided to almost tip our canoe. Luckily he decided from all the screaming and cursing that he had evened the score and left. The thing that really sucked was that my brother lost his paddle in the commotion so I was stuck paddling solo. After going upstream for a mile I wish the gator had bitten my arm off.

4) I got through undergrad and grad school debt free.
I know I suprised myself also by doing it. I had been saving up money in high school forever and instead of getting a car decided to keep on saving. My savings combined with a good part time job actually allowed me to get a Masters without the indenture servitude of student loans. Of course I did eat ramen and macroni for 6 years straight but I make it up to myself by having steak at least once a week now. Hmmm steak.

5) I'm at war with wasps and bees
Its not that I'm afraid of them but they tend to really piss me off. Like waving red in front of a bull, every time I see a wasp nest I search for the biggest bottle of Raid and go to town. Apparently, I was stung once when I was a toddler and instead of crying, I spent the next 10 minutes stomping the little bugger to death. Since then I swear the little monsters seek me out for revenge. I hate needles and it goes double when they are attached to insect ass.

I am calling out Saylah, Kinless, and the KTR Guys to continue this post or beware the curse.


Anonymous said...

Curses! My first list. lol. Five things coming up.

Anonymous said...

You are also a mischevious drunk and claim that you were pushed down while you were smashed on screwdrivers.

Saylah said...

Yikes, I'm late. Will get on this right now. Fun stuff!!

Saylah said...

LOL - At war with bees and wasps. I can't stand them but I'm way too afraid to Raid them. I just run.

Relmstein said...

Damn you anonymous, I recognize knowledge only a college friend would know. If you're Steve just know that I should have left you locked out on the balcony with the dead wasps.

If you're Kyle then rest assured that I will continue to make sure you are the first one who dies in our drunken Risk games.

Anonymous said...

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